As a life long learner, I have been working as a psychotherapist since 1971, first as an LCSW social worker, then as a Ph.D. psychologist since 1986, and then as a Psy.D. psychoanalyst, since 2002. Each degree program deepened my intent, my skills and experience, and commitment to working with adults and couples in a therapeutic relationship dealing with their concerns, whether, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, trauma, relational conflicts, shame and self esteem issues, sexual issues, work issues, or meaning of life issues. I have taught in graduate schools of social work, psychology, and psychoanalysis and have published in psychoanalytic journals.

Many issues that I see people struggling with are rooted in relational patterns often stemming from troubled relationships earlier in life. These patterns, often out of awareness, may get triggered and played out automatically in current life contexts. These patterns also may be expressed in our bodies as patterns of physical tensions, holding and restrictions, and physiological disregulation of arousal as well. Often, one has no idea as to how these patterns are triggered and set in motion, let alone how to change the pattern and the troubles in your life to allow for more sense of freedom, love, and vitality in your daily experience.  

Somatic Psychotherapy is a holistic mind-body-spirit process of exploration that invites all of you--all of your self states and somatic sensations into engagement over time -- a potentially integrative experience that also honors your inner knowing while opening new possibilities.

I offer a 45 minute consultation to talk about what brings you to therapy focusing on your feelings, your current situation, and what has brought you to this point.  I work with you to create a safe place for you to explore, experience, and talk about yourself. I will ask you questions and offer my perspective, as together, we find a way to make sense of your situation and discover what can be changed. Even this first consultation can be organizing for you and can change the way you relate to yourself and your life.  It also let’s us experience being together to see if we have a good fit. If we both decide that working together is a good idea, then we’ll set up a regular time to meet. Typically psychotherapy sessions are 45   minutes long once or twice a week.

As a sense of trust and safety builds, you’ll probably expand what you feel free to talk about with me, including all the feelings that emerge that may have been suppressed. We’ll seek to develop your capacity to reflect on and handle these feelings without either avoiding them or becoming emotionally overwhelmed. Importantly, you’ll develop more awareness of your body sensations, patterns of bodily tension, and associated thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behavior, how they are linked and expressed in context.  You'll develop more capacity to self reflect, self regulate, and to trust the validity of your own intuitions and point of view.  Your own unique narrative will emerge... your own story of understanding different from that which you have internalized from others. New possibilities and a greater sense of aliveness and ease often emerge in this process.

If you have insurance, I will give you a monthly statement for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I’m located in Santa Monica -- 310-738-4443.