Benefits of Hellerwork

  • Let go of painful tension patterns and discover your dynamic alignment that creates the least strain and most support as you move through your day,
  • Gain more embodied awareness, fluidity, and coordination of movement
  • Learn different pain-free ways to use your body in everyday movements
  • Increase your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility in your joints
  • Assist in life transitions
  • Counter the effects of tightening, shortening, i.e., aging
  • Improve balance, appearance, and posture and fluidity in movement --grow taller
  • Increase energy, experience vitality, and self-confidence
  • Increase awareness of your movement patterns and how to work with them
  • Experiment with new options that change your pattern
  • Get to know your committee of voices who run your bodymind through Voice Dialogue, so that they can work together better on your behalf,
  • Gain insights into habits that inhibit your physical integrity, how you sustain them, and how to change them,
  • Learn more about the relationship between your attitudes and how these are expressed in your body,  
  • Learn new ways to move with ease in sitting, standing, walking
  • Balances and realigns your body to create more ease and flexibility
  • Creates more space in your joints, (and since intrinsically connected), creates more space in your mind
  • Facilitates regulation of your sympathetic (fight/flight) and para sympathetic (rest/digest) nervous system.

Who Can Benefit?

Hellerwork Structural Integration helps people of all ages from children to the elderly. We each have accumulated a history of living in our bodies in gravity with inevitable stresses and strains that affect our posture, our alignment, our patterns of how we move/don't move, and where we develop pain. 

Examples: For those in chronic pain, who sit at computers many hours, who are sore and tight after exercise. 

My intention is to facilitate your own natural balance and alignment that is available under all of your patterns of accumulated tension, pain, stress, tightness and painful compensations in your body’s soft tissues. We all have patterns of holding tension that over time can lead to restrictions and pain.

Realigning and balancing your myo-fascia, identifying your patterns of movement, and changing the ways you use your body to maintain alignment yields more ease of movement without pain, along with increased bodymind awareness, 

I also recommend that you participate in a regular program of movement meditation that you enjoy such as walking, pilates, yoga, gyrotonics, gyrokinesis, dance, tai chi, other martial arts, continuum, medicine dance, five rhythms, swimming, balanced strength/stretch/aerobic workout, your choice of sport, etc. Motion is lotion!

* The English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning "breath", but also "spirit, soul, courage, vigor"

Call (310) 738 - 4443 to schedule an appointment and receive $25 Off your first session. 

“Working with Judy has been one of the best mind and body experiences I have given myself in a very long time. Judy created such a safe and comfortable space for us to zero in on the exact problems I was feeling in my body. I think she must know every inch of my body. While we worked on my body and core issues, I appreciated the ongoing dialogue between us. I was able to understand how to strengthen my core and find more ease in walking, and I finally understand the importance of getting off the couch and moving every day.” - Bonnie Schiffman, Photographer