Judith Pickles, Ph.D., Psy. D.
 Structural Integrator (CHP) -- IASI
Board Certified
Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP)

Approaches to Integrating Body and Mind:
Multiple forms of bodywork
Somatic Psychology
Awareness Dialogue
Movement Awareness


As a Hellerwork Structural Integrator, bodywork practitioner, and psychotherapist, I'll assist you in gaining freedom from pain, tension, and stress, as your body returns to its natural pain-free, fluid state.  You'll also discover your dynamic alignment and new patterning that creates the least stress and most support for your body and mind. You'll embark on a path of mindbody discovery and personal growth.

We all have accumulated insults over a lifetime that disorganize, shorten, and tighten our bodies (accidents, falls, illnesses, surgeries, emotional traumas, learned behavioral patterns, and repetitive stresses of everyday life) often expressed as physical and psycho-emotional pain and holding patterns in our bodies and minds. Together, we will unwind and unlock your patterns of tension and strain held in your body, renew and reorganize your myo-fascia, and explore new pain-free options in everyday movements. 

You'll experience more sense of presence, authenticity, energy, and ease,  discovering new dimensions of your body-mind.  Releasing patterns of restriction and emotions associated with stress and strain patterns facilitates more awareness of your current patterns of movement that make room for new patterns of support and alignment. Experience more vitality, resilience, and congruent  connection with yourself and others.  

 My approach is practical and outcome oriented, yet intuitive and present through my deep listening. Through ongoing assessment, I look for  underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction. I use a combination of bodywork techniquesmovement awareness, and collaborative therapeutic dialogueDialogue assists you in becoming aware of emotional stress that may be related to physical tension.

As a psychotherapist, why did I become interested in bodywork?

1) My own experiences with  bodywork led me to experience new somatic avenues of sensory-emotional processing that were new to me even after all my years of training and experience, including personal therapy and training analysis.

2) I realized how difficult it was to stay grounded in my body.  Instead, I was in my head (thinking), or doing, the modes so emphasized in our culture, even though I have always been involved with exercise, dance, sports, yoga and pilates, beginning when I was 7 years old that focused more on performance and doing rather than being. Exceptions were some yoga and pilates classes, Tai Chi, and medicine dance.

I became interested in "listening" to the nonverbal, implicit dimensions of communication as a psychotherapist, then interested in integrating the energetic language of the body with my psychological understanding for a more holistic transformative approach to wellness and healing -- body-mind-soul integration. I bring my listening skills and sense of presence developed both as a musician and as an experienced therapist to listening to the body and bodymind....yours and mine in our work together...in our moments of meeting. 

In addition to Structural bodywork that facilitates reorganizing and integrating your superficial and deep  connective tissue (fascia), I draw on other bodywork modalities: Sweedish Circulatory,  Deep Tissue, Myo-Fascial Release, Sensory Re-patterning Joint Mobilization, Cranial-Sacral Unwinding, and Neuromuscular re-education.

The Hellerwork Structural Integration 11-Session Seriesfirst developed by Ida Rolf (Rolfing), and later expanded by Joseph Heller, includes  hands on, manual work with connective tissue called fascia, movement, body awareness,  and therapeutic dialogue, beginning with, but not limited to the themes relevant to each of the 11 Hellerwork Structural Integration sessions.

Since we now know that the body is a seamless network of tissues and interacting systems, not a collection of separate parts (everything is connected), the body, mind, and spirit are part of a holistic, dynamic system in context.

Wherever you are in your process, my intention is to assist your empowerment... your natural healing propensity and to help you sustain your more organized, fluid bodymind in ways that have integrity within your life style. 


Chronic joint pain, back pain, hip, knee, and foot pain, chronic illness, arthritis, shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, scoliosis patterns, a feeling of overall misalignment, postural issues, stiffness, and tightness in your body, movement restriction, finding yourself in an unexpected transition, migraines, forward head, carpal tunnel syndrome,  tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, post surgery, post cancer treatments, repetitive strain patterns, post injury, anxiety, depression, and a deep desire to feel integrated and whole.

 Hellerwork Structural Integration, one form of mindbody integration helps people of all ages from children to the elderly. We each have accumulated a history of living in our bodies in gravity with inevitable stresses and strains that affect our posture, our alignment, our movement patterns, our emotional wellbeing, and where we develop pain. 

Examples: those with chronic neck and shoulder or low back pain, who sit at computers or commute many hours, who are sore and stiff after exercise, who are movement challenged, who are going through challenging life transitions, experience financial and work pressures,  relational conflicts, or who feel the weight of life's responsibilities, or who have become numb in response to a sense of vulnerability, resistance, or threat.

Discovering how to let go of deep patterns of tension, becoming aware of what triggers tightening, and how to create new patterns will yield many benefits; beginning with breathing more fully and getting oxygen and energy to your brain and entire body, reducing stress hormones such as cortisol, increasing feel good neurotransmitters, and increasing circulation that lubricates your entire system so you can experience yourself as more present, calm, and at ease.

Hellerwork Structural Integration also is effective for people, who already have done a lot of psychological work and now want their bodies restructured to reflect it.

I apply these principles in my psychotherapy practice as well, although instead of using touch, I draw on empathy, mindful awareness, and exploration through dialogue to help open up stuck places, co-create space, and new possibilities of experience within a holistic mindbrainbody integration.

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"Judy has a special presence that translates into how she listens, teaches, and touches. I felt deeply safe and relaxed doing this work with her.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking to feel better by learning about their body and receiving expert help to make specific adjustments.  I am grateful for how Hellerwork with Judy has changed my awareness and the way I feel in my body. I can only expect similar results with the other lucky clients who work with Judy."

Grace, Graduate Student